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Product Examples from
Display Technology

Electronic Signage


Queue Management Systems


Some of the many products created by
Display Technology to give you a
vision of their capabilities.


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 Display units are available in red or colour.
  Colour units are Red, Green and Yellow.
           LED Moving Message Display together with Flashing Teller Indicator control Queue movement.
Moving Message display attracts customer’s attention and keeps them informed.
          Uses RF (Radio Frequency) communication between units.
     RF makes installation quick and easy.
   Messages easily sent from a PC.
Editor program makes compiling and sending messages easy.
    Messages can be saved for instant retrieval later.
Complete text of keyboard available plus bold alpha characters available.
     Special logos can be created for customers.
          Programmable Beep, Voice, Stop, Various Speeds.
      Various Display Modes. Scroll, Flash, Static messages.
Messages can be up to 2000 characters long. (Over five minutes in scroll mode).
  Memory Non Volatile. (In event of a power failure, retains last message sent)
  Built in Date and Time function.
  Up to 63 Teller stations can be accommodated.
 Multiple systems can be installed in the same area without interference.
    Available in Colour or Red.
             Indoor or Outdoor Viewable units available.
           Various sizes available.  350, 700, 1050, 1400mm.
       Multi Line units available.
           One Year Carry In warrantee.
             Housing made of Metal, Powder Coated.
            Various colours available.
Systems can be customised to meet customer’s requirements.
Teller Number Indicators. Flashes when Teller switch is pressed.
               Integrated and Stand alone Versions.
           Prices Include Software (Runs on Windows)
              Prices Exclude – Installation, Shipping,
50% Deposit required with order. (Remainder prior to delivery)


Examples here show some of the work we have done for the Post Office and Dischem.
                                    Shown here are the Church Street Post Office in Pretoria and Bloemfontein Post Office.
                                    The Teller Indicators are illuminated and flash when a teller presses the call button,
and at the same time the Message Display indicates the Teller number,
and either beeps or uses voice to announce “Next Customer Please”
The system uses RF (Radio Frequency) between the Tellers, the PC and the Message Display.
This reduces wiring to a minimum, and reduces installation time.
The system can be configured to suit customer’s requirements.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us by email.
Telephone at 27-44-874-0578       or      27-82-959-5078