Diary of Jennae



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  Collection of Anecdotes


When Jennae was about two.  She was at a Mall in Joburg with Beverley, her Grandparents were in George. Suddenly she starts running after some stranger in front of her shouting “Grandpa, Grandpa”. There must have been some similarity in the stranger from behind. This was for her real Grandpa down in George, one of his most heart warming moments.

Jennae and her parents were traveling in the car with Ouma, (Jo’s Mom)
Jennae ask Ouma “How old are you Ouma?”  Ouma says “I can’t remember”
Jennae says “You must look on the label at the back of your panties Ouma, mine says 5 to 7”

Jennae and her parents went to the Civic Theatre to see “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. The Theatre was packed with thousands of people. During the show Snow White asks the Audience “Does anyone know a joke?”.  Immediately Jennae’s hand pops up.  Her mom Protests “You don’t know a joke”. “I do” Responds Jennae. Snow White fetches Jennae and takes her to the stage.
On stage Snow White asks her “OK tell us your joke” Jennae respond “Knock Knock”.  The Audience responds in unison “Who’s There?” Silence …. “Have you forgotten your joke?” “Yes” Jennae replies.  Snow white then asks “Can you Dance?” Jennae replies in the affirmative and gives an impromptu Tap demonstration without music in front of the thousands in the audience who applauded her. Her Dad kept repeating “I can’t believe it!”

Jennae frequently approaches strangers at functions and introduces herself “Hello my name is Jennae” This is of concern to her parents who try to dissuade her from being too friendly to strangers.

At a school concert, before it started, the children were milling around near the stage. The front row was reserved for the dignitaries, and had their names pasted on their chairs. When the principle arrived, Jennae approached her and said  “Hello Mrs. Quail, Here is your seat!”  “I Know Jennae, Thank You”
“Did you have a nice Birthday Jennae?” Mrs. Quail asked.

When Jennae turned seven, we celebrated her birthday. The following day, she was trying to persuade her Dad to let her stay up late.
She said “But dad I’m nearly eight!”

Jennae is a girl that has many toys. More toys than she can handle. As a result, from time to time Beverley gives a lot of the toys she is not using to underprivileged children.
Consequently, Beverley found that Jennae had hidden some of her game CD’s under the cloth on the table next to her bed (To prevent them being given away)

Jennae was at a Restaurant with her parents. As we were leaving, Jennae suddenly started crying loudly. “My foot is bleeding”  she cried loudly. Her Mom bent down to examine the wound, only to discover she had spilt Ketchup on herself. He loud crying stopped instantly.

We were on the ship and Jennae entered a singing competition. She won a medal for her excellent singing. A little later she gave the medal to her Mom.

We had to fly from Orlando Airport to Miami early in the morning to get on a Cruise Ship, so we decided to sleep at the Hotel at the Orlando Airport in order to get away early. After we had booked into the Hotel we were on our way to our room with the Porter handling our luggage. In the elevator, the porter was trying to make small talk, said “So you’re going to Miami, are you driving or flying?”  
Jennae immediately replies “Why do you think we are at the Airport?”

Jennae and her Parents visited her Grandparents for a week.
At her home she generally slept in her parents bed
(although they did their bet to get her to sleep in her own bed)
So while she visited he grandparents, it was a novelty for her to sleep in a bed in their room, while here parents slept in the spare room.
The night before they left, her Mom said to her “Jennae, this is the last night you will be sleeping with Grandma and Grandpa, so make the most of it”.
She immediately replied, “Mom, this is the last night you will be sleeping with Daddy, so make the most of it”.

Grandpa has the habit of Switching off the TV when Commercials come on.
As a result Jennae hides the TV remote from him.
Recently Grandpa found the Remote in the Bread Tin.

Jennae was being punished for doing something wrong.
Her mom told her that she could not go to a certain function with her friend.
Jennae replied “Mommy can’t you rather spank me”?

Jennae was given the task at school to prepare for her first speech. She was asked to choose a subject from her past that was interesting or special.
She chose to talk on some of the gadgets that Grandpa had made for her.
She spoke of the Cuckoo Clock, Jumping Beans, Butterfly, and Acrobat Toy.
She took the Acrobat Toy to school and demonstrated it to the class during her speech. Needless to say she was marked “Excellent”

Beverley arranged to get top dressing put on here lawn which was mixed with some type of organic fertilizer which had a strong odor.  Jennae came out, and remarked on the smell. “Phew what is that smell?”” 
Beverley Replied, “Its Cow Poo”
Jennae retorted “How did you get a Cow here?”

When Jennae graduated from Grade 2 she received full colors for the Second year in a row. Her friend at school was not happy because she only received half colors for the second time in a row. Jennae tried to pacify her by saying that as she got half colors twice, she had in fact received full colors.

At eight years old Jennae received her first Cell Phone. She was overheard speaking to the Vodacom call centre. Yes there is a problem with my Cell Phone
It keeps telling me “The person you are trying to reach is not available”
At 9 years old, Jennae was in America, she made many new friends. She met an American girl call Rachel.  Rachel’s mother was telling Beverley that on the New Year celebrations, Rachel’s mother said to Rachel, “I wish you a fantastic 2011”.
In reply Rachel said “But Mommy I had a fantastic 2010. I met Jennae!”
While Bev and Jennae were driving, they were busy talking and Jennae says “well Mom that's tragic but to be expected”!

Jennae and Beverley were at their new Laundry business. Bev was working in the office and Jennae was playing around. Suddenly Jennae runs into Bev’s
Office and says “Mom I need a Business card!” “What do you need a business card for?” Bev asks. “Because I’m doing a deal!” she exclaims.
Bev gets up to see what is happening and sees German couple, “Is this your child? The lady asks in a strong German accent. Bev acknowledges that she is.
“You must be very proud of her; she has just told me all about your services. She should be an associate!” she exclaims.

Jennae, now 10, was driving in their van with her Dad and Grandpa.
They were playing a Michael Jackson CD which Jennae liked.
Jennae suddenly says “Dad I just want to warn you not to play that last track on the CD because it is not age appropriate for me!”

Jennae just learned that her dad was not raised in an Afrikaans home. He spoke English until standard 6 when he was sent to an Afrikaans school.
Jennae asked her dad
“Dad wasn’t it difficult for your tongue to form those words?”

It was a few days before Christmas. Jennae and her parents went to a restaurant for supper. There was a guy playing the piano. At the end of her meal, Jennae asked to go up and watch the piano being played. At first she started to hum the tunes. The Pianist asked her if she would like to sing, she then broke into song, singing “Away in a Manger” while he played.
The restaurant fell silent as everyone enjoyed her performance. The entire restaurant clapped and cheered when she finished, not wanting her to stop.

Beverley changed her Facebook Profile to a photo of her and Jennae where they looked like sisters. ...Jennae remarked "Hey Mom you look just like me"
Beverley replied "Excuse me......I was here first........You look like me !!"

Jennae is now 13 and in grade 7
She is doing very well with her singing, which she loves. This is shown by her numerous songs on YouTube
She is also a grade A+ student who works very hard and gets very upset with herself if she does not get an A
Her subjects include, Science, Advanced Maths, Latin and Engineering. (last year she did Robotics)
She is also quite sporty, playing Vollyball and now Cheerleading.
She was recently selected to represent her school in the Broward County Science Competion with her latest project.
Her Mom remarked when she got this nomination, Gee Jennae, is there anything you are not good at?
Jennae thought for a moment and replied "I don't know I havent tried everything yet"

Jennae is now 15
She has just had the privledge of singing in Carnegie Hall New York

Jennae is now 16 and in grade 10
She now has her driving licence
When she took her driving test she did not have to pay,
because she got 100% (her father had to pay)

Jennae recently did an internship at Motorola for one week
part of their assignments was to go into their assembly area and talke some defective radios apart
they were given schematics of the boards and shown how to trace the circuits on the boards
She found this so exiting and interesting
That caused her to remark "And to think some people actually get paid to do this job!"

Jennae is now 17 and in grade 11
she is very involved in Robotics
Jennae has been named as a Deans List Finalist which is the Highest Award given to a Robotics student Photo Jennae was also part of a team that went to the First Florida Advocacy Conference to secure $1,500,000 in state funding for First Robotics

Jennae's headmaster Mr Satterly bumped into Jennae and her knee was strapped up.
He asked about her knee and she told him it was from Go-Carting.
to which she replied Wow Jennae, is there anything you can't do?
This is the same question her mom asked her about 5 years previously